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What is the OISC?

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What is the OISC? The OISC is the acronym for the “Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner”, which is a state body that regulates UK-based immigration advisers and the provision of immigration advice and services in the UK. It does not regulate other types of immigration lawyer like solicitors, barristers, and legal executives, who have their own regulatory bodies. Under…

Are you qualified to take our OISC Level 1 course?

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Are you qualified to take our OISC Level 1 course? One of the questions we are frequently asked revolves around whether or not someone is qualified to take our OISC Level 1 course. If this is one of your questions, we may have some good news for you, so keep on reading to learn more. Who qualifies for our OISC…

What is the legacy of Liz Truss’s government on UK immigration law?

Written by Ohnais Basharat, OISC course delegates, 2022. What is the legacy of Liz Truss’s government on UK immigration law? Economic Backdrop Over the last few years, the global and UK economy have faced adversities and hardships. The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic shook the world economy (e.g. supply chain difficulties) and, on a micro-level, called for drastic changes within the UK…

Setting up your OISC firm, with Pacific Legal Training

Our experts will guide you through those tricky first steps to OISC registration In order to work as a UK immigration adviser, your application to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (the “OISC”) must be carefully prepared and must include all of the required documentation, which includes a comprehensive Business Plan and Cash Flow Statement. Without the required documentation,…

Why Recruitment Agencies Need Immigration Law Training

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Labour shortages are creating difficulties and delays across many areas of the UK economy, in the wake of COVID-19. The lack of access to a skilled and readily available workforce is problematic for many industries, particularly hospitality, health and social care, construction, engineering, and education. The UK Government has placed many roles within these industries on the Shortage Occupation List,…

Taking an Immigration Law Course? How To Get The Support You Need with Pacific Legal Training

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Looking for support on your journey to become an OISC Immigration Adviser? Pacific Legal Training is here for you every step of the way. We believe that no other OISC training provider can match the level of support provided with our immigration law courses. We offer: Experience is vital for OISC trainees. Spending time with qualified OISC Immigration Advisers, and…

OISC Exam Dates

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Check the OISC exam dates and our OISC course dates for 2022.

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