In this article, we’ll look some of the relevant factors to consider for OISC Level 1.

What is OISC Level 1?

OISC Level 1 is an accreditation from the OISC. The OISC stands for the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. The OISC is a UK regulator which regulates the provision of immigration advice and services. Did you know it is illegal to offer immigration advice without being regulated?

Level 1 represents the first level of accreditation offered by the OISC. In total, there are 3 levels of OISC accreditation: OISC Level 1, OISC Level 2 and OISC Level 3.

Who is OISC Level 1 for?

OISC Level 1 accreditation is for many types of people, including:

  • those who want to make a career change into immigration law;
  • lawyers, including foreign lawyers, solicitors or barristers who want to specialise in offering immigration law advice.
  • Businesses which want to offer immigration services to their existing clients (such as recruitment agencies or accountants); and
  • Employees of OISC firms.

Why consider OISC Level 1?

Firstly, if you are already offering immigration services and advice, it is essential that you consider OISC Level 1. Unless you are regulated, it is illegal to carry out immigration advice and services.

Secondly, becoming accredited at OISC Level 1 offers a rewarding career change. You can work full-time or part-time, to suit your needs. In the process, you’ll be helping to change people’s lives.

Thirdly, the financial remuneration of an OISC immigration adviser can be very much worthwhile. Lawyers are generally known to earn a handsome remuneration for their work and, if you become an immigration adviser, you’ll be able to charge well for your services if you so desire. You’ll need advice as to how much you should charge and this is something we can support you with as part of our OISC New Registration service.

Fourthly, working as an OISC immigration adviser is an intellectual career and suits people who enjoy meeting with and solving challenges.

How do I learn more about OISC Level 1?

Learning about the OISC Level 1 can be complicated. There can be a lot of information to digest and some of it apparently contradictory. The best way to learn more is to take our OISC Level 1 course. We hold our OISC Level 1 courses on a regular basis and you can find out more information on our website. Our OISC Level 1 course is a Live Online course, delivered using Microsoft Teams. It is an interactive and concise course (we request delegates to appear on camera for the entire course). We also cover the information which you need in order to become accredited.

How long does it take to reach OISC Level 1?

The answer to this question depends on your circumstances. The first step is usually to complete our OISC Level 1 course, followed by applying directly to the OISC. This last step can take time, so it is important to understand application timeframes, so that you can forecast the process accurately. Our OISC Level 1 course helps you to do so.

What work is allowed under OISC Level 1?

Reaching OISC Level 1 accreditation allows you to prepare basic immigration applications. In practice, this allows you to complete a lot of work, although to understand the fine details, take our OISC Level 1 course. To find out more about the areas of work under OISC levels 2 & 3, consider our OISC Level 2 course and OISC Level 3 course.

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