Hard-copy OISC Exam Resource Book

Hard-copy OISC Exam Resource Book


Make thorough preparations for the OISC Exam by ordering our OISC Exam Resource Book in hard-copy format today, for each of OISC Levels 1, 2 & 3.

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Free digital delivery

The OISC Resource Book is formally known as the OISC Exam Resource Book, which is compiled by the OISC and contains the list of Immigration Rules and legislation that you need to rely on for the OISC exam. There are 2 types:

  1. The OISC Exam Resource Book for OISC Level 1; and
  2. The OISC Exam Resource Book which is to be used for both OISC Level 2 and OISC Level 3.

Invest in Your Success

Receive your hard-copy document by post for just £79.99 when you enrol in one of our OISC training courses. For those not taking our OISC training courses, the price is £99.99.

Why use a Hard-Copy Book?

The OISC Exam can be hard and so it’s important that you prepare in the right way. The advice that we give during our OISC courses is to print the OISC Exam Resource Book when taking the OISC exam. That way, you can spend less time looking for what you need and ensure that you make thorough preparations to pass the OISC Exam.


We print, bind and post to you the OISC  Exam Resource Book once you place your order. If you have a specific deadline by which  you require delivery, then please make a note of this on the Order Page.

Who is the OISC Exam Resource Book for?

  • OISC Immigration Advisers
  • Candidates preparing for the OISC Exam or OISC Competence Assessment

Your journey to mastering immigration law starts here. Invest in your education, equip yourself with hard-copy resources, and enhance your chances of successfully passing the OISC Exam.

Ready to take the next step? Place your order today.

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