Hard-copy OISC Course Handbook

Hard-copy OISC Course Handbook


Receive our OISC handbook in hard-copy format and posted to your address, for each of OISC Levels 1, 2 & 3.

OISC Level 1
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What is the Product?

All of our course delegates receive a complementary OISC Handbook by email. However, we often get asked by delegates and non-delegates if we can post out a hard-copy OISC handbook to their address. The simple answer is, yes we can! However, posting hard-copy documents incurs additional costs for us. We therefore add a supplemental charge to cover the cost. Please add this product to the cart if you would like to receive a hard-copy OISC handbook for the OISC Level 1, OISC Level 2 or OISC Level 3 courses.

How soon will you receive the OISC handbook?

We shall process your order by the end of the following business day after you have purchased the OISC handbook and we shall communicate to you at the earliest opportunity when you should expect to receive the OISC handbook.

Which course does the OISC handbook relate to?

We post out separate OISC handbooks for each course. Our most popular is the OISC Level 1 book, however it is just as important to receive OISC handbooks if you are sitting the OISC Level 2 or OISC Level 3 competence assessments. If you would like to purchase OISC handbooks for all OISC courses, please add this item to the cart three times.

Who is the OISC Handbook for?

  • OISC Immigration Advisers
  • Paralegals
  • Solicitors
  • Students wanting to learn about immigration law