Looking for support on your journey to become an OISC Immigration Adviser? Pacific Legal Training is here for you every step of the way. We believe that no other OISC training provider can match the level of support provided with our immigration law courses. We offer:

  • Placements with OISC Firms
  • Free Handbook
  • Course Recordings
  • OISC Mock Papers with marking service
  • Work Opportunities and Directory Listings
  • Ongoing Support with Pacific Aftercare
  • Placements with OISC firms

Experience is vital for OISC trainees. Spending time with qualified OISC Immigration Advisers, and experiencing real-life legal situations will give you a practical understanding of immigration law that will help you progress much more quickly as an Immigration Adviser.

Get in touch with us, and we can connect you with our wide network of OISC regulated firms, to secure the critical experience required for accreditation.

(It’s important to note that while on occasions these placements offer some financial compensation, voluntary roles are much easier to arrange, so think carefully about how much time you can commit.)

Free OISC Book

As part of our OISC courses, we e-mail you a free Handbook for you to use in combination with the online OISC course. The Handbook breaks down the essential concepts of immigration law in a clear and understandable way, so that when you start your OISC course, or when you prepare for your OISC exam, you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips.

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the Handbook, then we charge a supplement to cover our printing, binding and postage costs.

We can also offer you a hard-copy OISC Resource Book, as an optional add-on. This 400-page OISC book contains all the laws, legal references and information necessary for the OISC Level 1 exam, in a convenient user friendly format. There is a separate OISC Resource Book for the OISC Level 2 exam and the OISC Level 3 exam, which we are also able to provide for you. You can find out more details about, and order a hard-copy of, the OISC Resource Book, here on our website.

Course Recordings

Our immigration courses are designed to cover the OISC syllabus for each OISC Level over the space of one day, and packed full of content that will bring the OISC certification processes to life. There’s a lot to take in – which is why we also provide the course as audio recordings for delegates, so that everything you learn is available to you afterwards, in the exact order in which it was delivered.

OISC Mock Papers

We can provide OISC sample papers based on real questions from OISC assessments. We will then review your work and provide you with detailed feedback and analysis. We’ll highlight your strengths and areas for your development, and offer tips on how to answer the questions in the most effective way possible.

You can choose to prepare for the OISC exam with either a single OISC Mock Paper or with three OISC Mock Papers, so you can put the feedback you receive into immediate effect, further increasing your chances of passing the OISC exam.

Work Opportunities and Directory Listings

On our website you can find our OISC directory, with listings for those looking to obtain  OISC jobs and immigration jobs. Alternatively, if you would like more of a bespoke approach which involves us searching out a role for you, we can look to secure you a work placement, although we do need to charge a reasonable amount to cover our costs for doing so. All our delegates can list on the directory for free to advertise their profile, once they have taken our immigration courses.

Ongoing Support with Pacific Aftercare

Here at Pacific Legal Training, we recognise that learning is a journey. In some ways, achieving OISC registration may just be the start. Even after you’ve completed our immigration courses, we provide our Pacific Aftercare services, allowing you to network with other delegates and qualified Immigration Advisers of all OISC Levels in our private WhatsApp group. For those delegates looking to set up their own OISC firm, this continued access is an invaluable resource.

One of our delegates on our OISC Courses, Andreea Watson, had this to say about the support we offer:

“5 stars service – friendly and approachable, always making sure you receive the support you need in order to pass.  It’s hard to describe the amazing service I received from Pacific Legal Training.  I have done OISC Level 1 and 2 with them and I will surely go for level 3. I started from nearly no knowledge at all about immigration law… they understood, and took…baby steps and explained for me as much as I needed…they are definitely life changing people.”

If you’ve any questions about our services or immigration law courses, please call us for free on 0800 066 2219 or email us on hello@pacificlegaltraining.com. If you would love to read about some of the benefits of becoming an immigration adviser, please visit this post on our website. or if you’re ready to begin your OISC level 1 course, then you can book it today on our website.