What is the OISC?

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The OISC is the acronym for the “Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner”, which is a state body that regulates UK-based immigration advisers and the provision of immigration advice and services in the UK.

It does not regulate other types of immigration lawyer like solicitors, barristers, and legal executives, who have their own regulatory bodies.

Under provisions of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 it is illegal for somebody to provide immigration advice or services if they are not regulated by an official entity such as the OISC.

For an immigration services firm to operate legally it must be registered with the OISC, and the adviser or advisers in the firm must also be individually registered.

The OISC works to create and maintain the quality and standards of immigration services and it sets OISC exams for aspiring regulated advisers. It also deals with complaints against regulated advisers, and it has disciplinary powers. It also acts against people or organisations which are providing immigration services illegally and in serious cases participates in prosecutions.

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