PEB FD4 Examination Training – Tuesday, 24th September 2024

PEB FD4 Examination Training – Tuesday, 24th September 2024




Embarking on a career as a UK Patent Attorney requires rigorous preparation for the Patent Examination Board (PEB) Final Diploma (FD) exams. We provide examination-focused training courses for patent students in the UK taking the PEB FD4 examinations.



  • 5 sessions designed to help you pass the FD4 exam first-time.
  • Receive personal feedback on 5 different past examination paper attempts.
  • Live Online group session to debrief each paper for a deeper understanding of solving the paper.



  • Upon booking for a session, you will receive a past FD4 examination paper to attempt.
  • Upon submission of your answer script for that paper, we will mark your script and provide you with personal feedback.
  • Subsequently, a live online group debrief session will offer you expert feedback from our tutors on common errors and suggestions for honing your exam technique.



  • Decide how many FD4 sessions you wish to attend and make note of the course dates.
  • Attempt the past FD4 paper for the relevant sessions and submit your script by the mentioned deadlines, after which we will provide personal feedback on your script.
  • Join our 2-hour Live Online Session via Teams for expert feedback and active participation in discussions to strengthen your examination skills, helping you to pass the examination paper first-time.




Exam Tutor Script Deadline Discussion Session Paper Year
FD4 Alex Maxwell-Keys 17-May-2024 28-May-2024 2015
FD4 Andrew White 14-Jun-2024 25-Jun-2024 2021
FD4 Andrew White 19-Jul-2024 30-Jul-2024 2023
FD4 Rachel Bateman 16-Aug-2024 27-Aug-2024 2018
FD4 Lindsay Pike 13-Sep-2024 24-Sep-2024 2013



Our team includes examiners for the PEB FD4 examinations and patent attorneys who have recently excelled in the FD4 examination. They provide personal feedback on your scripts, offering invaluable insights and guidance to hone your exam technique and help you to pass the FD4 exams first-time.


  • Alex Maxwell-Keys: Alex is an Associate at Reddie & Grose LLP and was awarded the Ballantyne Prize for the highest mark in the FD4 Infringement and Validity examination.
  • Andrew White:Andrew is a Partner at Mathys & Squire LLP and is an Examiner for FD4 Infringement and Validity examination.
  • Lindsay Pike:Lindsay is an Associate at Mathys & Squire LLP and was awarded the Ballantyne Prize for the highest mark in the FD4 Infringement and Validity examination.




  • Select how many sessions of FD4 you wish to attend and choose the respective dates.
  • Place your order.


WHAT IS THE PEB FD examinations?

The PEB FD comprises 4 examinations and is designed to meet the requirements of the final stage of training for a patent attorney – FD1, FD2, FD3, FD4. As passing the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) grants exemption from FD2 and FD3, it becomes critical to pass the FD1 and FD4 paper to fulfil the requirements for becoming a UK patent attorney. Our team has developed the FD4 examination course to help you increase your confidence to pass the FD4 examinations first-time.