OISC Accreditation is bestowed upon organisations and immigration advisers who successfully complete the OISC application process. OISC Accreditation is important because it is a badge of confidence which the OISC hands out, evidence that an immigration adviser or OISC organisation is competent to give UK immigration law advice.

OISC Accreditation

Like many things in life, obtaining OISC accreditation is a process and can be a complicated one to understand and get one’s head around. To begin with, candidates must fill and complete an application form, which contains a background check and looks to ensure that there is nothing in a candidate’s history which precludes them from becoming an OISC immigration adviser. The OISC application process also involves, for most people, sitting the OISC competence assessment (also known as the OISC exam), which tests a candidate’s knowledge of UK immigration law and their ability to give immigration advice to hypothetical clients. Applicants may also be subjected to a pre-registration audit from the OISC. You can find the dates of our upcoming OISC courses and the OISC exam dates here on our website.

If an applicant is successful in the OISC application process, he should be permitted to practise as an immigration adviser although he may be restricted in the scope of work he can carry out according to his OISC Level. More about the immigration work permissible under the various OISC Levels, follows:

OISC Level 1: Advice and Assistance

Within the asylum and protection category, the work which OISC Level 1 advisers are allowed to carry out includes:

  • notifying UKVI of a change of address; and
  • work on straightforward applications to vary conditions attached to leave granted by the Secretary of State.

Within the immigration category, immigration advisers can work on applications for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain in the UK, along with applications to change the conditions attached to leave already granted.

OISC Level 2: Casework

OISC Level 2 immigration advisers may:

  • Work on every aspect of asylum applications;
  • Lodge notices of appeal and Statements of Additional grounds,

Alongside other areas of work.

OISC Level 3: Advocacy and Representation

OISC Level 3 immigration advisers are permitted to take on an even wider array of work, which includes representing clients at Tribunal, alongside certain judicial review case management work.

OISC Courses

One of the key hurdles in becoming accredited is passing the OISC Level exam. The data from candidates who sit the exam consistently shows that less than 50% of people who take the OISC exams actually pass. That is where the importance of the correct preparation becomes evident . Our OISC courses help prepare you for the exam, by teaching you UK immigration law which you need to know (click here to book for upcoming courses). In addition, our Mock Exam Papers help you really prepare and help give you the practice you need to pass the OISC exam (click here to find out more).  

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