OISC Immigration Exam Dates

If you are looking to sit for an OISC exam, on this page you’ll find a list of the upcoming OISC exam dates along with matching dates for our upcoming OISC training courses.

Formally known as the OISC competence assessments, the OISC exam dates are placed at regular dates over the calendar year. If you would like some inspiration on becoming an immigration adviser, please read this blog post on our website.

OISC Level 1 Exam Dates 2022

The OISC Level 1 exam is the most frequently held OISC exam and below you will find a more extensive range of OISC exam dates.

OISC Exam DatePacific OISC Course (click the link to book)
Thursday, 28 AprilMonday, 11 April
Wednesday, 25 MayMonday, 9th May
Thursday, 30 JuneMonday, 13 June
Thursday, 28 JulyMonday, 4 July
Wednesday, 24 AugustMonday, 1 August
Thursday, 29 SeptemberMonday, 5 September
Thursday, 27 OctoberMonday, 3 October
Wednesday, 23 NovemberTuesday, 1 November
Thursday, 22 DecemberMonday, 5 December

OISC Level 2 Exam Dates

OISC Exam DatePacific OISC Course (click link to book)
Thursday, 24 FebruaryTuesday, 8 February
Thursday, 25 AugustWednesday, 15 June
Thursday, 25 AugustThursday 3 August
Thursday, 24 NovemberWednesday, 2 November

OISC Level 3 Exam Dates

OISC Exam DatePacific OISC Course (click link to book)
Thursday, 24 February 2022Thursday, 10 February
Thursday, 25 AugustMonday 20 June
Thursday 25 AugustThursday 4 August
Thursday, 24 NovemberFriday, 5 November