Written by Sonya King, OISC course tutor, March 2023.

At Pacific Legal Training, our role on our OISC courses and wider immigration law training is to teach, and update, you about the UK immigration system, which is designed to balance the needs of applicants with the need to uphold Immigration Rules and policy objectives.

So, how does this work? During our OISC courses, we apply a learning objective with the ultimate aim of helping you to understand the relationship between the Immigration Rules and policy objectives, and to help you actually apply your knowledge in real life, or examination scenarios, drawing inspiration from the OISC competence assessments. For our OISC courses, we place an emphasis on the creation of OISC Mock Exam Papers, which we have individually created and we subsequently mark your answers.

Learning is not simply about the hard slog of absorbing legal knowledge through reading textbooks, but it also entails practical elements. During our interactive courses you will find yourself engaging with our OISC handbooks in pdf format (we also sell hard-copy OISC handbook), in the hope that your aim will be to engage thoroughly with your peers, to feedback, correct and debate issues. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of structured learning in the time we are engaged to teach you. We look forward to you joining one of our OISC courses or immigration law training sessions

Where can you start?

Join us for one of our OISC Level 1 courses, where you can learn more about the OISC exam, exam content and tips on how to pass.

If you’re unsure why you should take OSC Level 1, read some of our Insights. Alternatively, should you have any queries, feel free to contact one of our helpful team on 0800 066 2219 (freephone) or hello@pacificlegaltraining.com.

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