Sponsor Licence Applications - Typical Reasons For Failure

Sponsor Licence Applications – Typical Reasons For Failure



Join us for our lunchtime CPD course on Wednesday, 8th December 2021, from 1.00pm-1.45pm.

The Legislative Backdrop

Now that Brexit has happened, sponsor licences are likely to be more important than they were already. A UK-based employer which wants to recruit a skilled worker from outside the UK and Ireland now needs to hold one before they can sponsor such a person to come and work for them.


Why Take This CPD Course?

The sponsor licence application to the Home Office is in some cases quite complex and generally quite difficult. It is easy to go wrong and easy to miss a fine point of detail. The Home Office is notoriously ruthless in its treatment of sponsor licence applications and has no compunction in refusing applications.


Employers are perfectly entitled to submit sponsor licence applications without professional legal help, but for this it is appropriate to be well-armed and well-prepared.


Our course goes into some depth and detail about sponsor licence applications and, most particularly, why they are likely to be refused.


Who Is The Course for?

  • Solicitors firms which want to train up their solicitors, paralegals and caseworkers.
  • OISC firms which want to train their advisers
  • Immigration advisers wanting to enhance their knowledge
  • Individuals in immigration law wanting to understand
  • UK employers which are recruiting foreign workers