OISC Level 1 Course - Monday, 11th March 2024

OISC Level 1 Course – Monday, 11th March 2024



Join us for our online OISC Level 1 Course on Monday, 11th March 2024, which is designed to help you prepare for and pass the OISC Level 1 exam, and also to teach you the skills and techniques you need to develop to begin or further your immigration career. For details of our other immigration courses, please visit this webpage.

OISC Level 1 Course Content 

Our OISC Level 1 Course follows the following main topics:

  • The OISC – what it does and how it operates
  • Analysis of the structures, terminology and framework of UK immigration and nationality law
  • Visitor leave and visitor rules
  • Working/business/family/study visas – overview
  • Settlement
  • Overstaying and overstaying rules
  • British citizenship and British naturalisation/registration

Delegates should also go through a past OISC Level 1 assessment paper and thus improve their technical knowledge and OISC exam technique.

OISC Handbook 

The OISC Level 1 Course comes with an OISC Handbook, containing up-to-date information for the OISC Level 1 course. This OISC Book is sent to you electronically before the course begins and can be used for the OISC exam – there is no additional cost for the handbook.  The OISC Book also acts as a handy toolkit for use throughout your immigration career. For the OISC exam, we recommend printing out the OISC handbook – if you would like us to print and post to you a hard-copy OISC Book, we do charge a supplemental fee. We also offer OISC Mock Exam papers.


After the OISC course, qualifying* delegates are invited to join our WhatsApp Club, which is peer-to-peer forum and available to access 24/7. The Club opens up a world of access to other immigration lawyers and previous customers, for you to develop yourself and gain new opportunities.
*There is a charge for businesses to join.

Who teaches the OISC Level 1 course?

Our immigration law tutors are experienced OISC-accredited advisers and have been working in the immigration field for many years. They are knowledgeable in their field and teach OISC delegates the information required in order to pass the OISC exam.

Where does the OISC Course take place?

The OISC Level 1 course takes place online and we use Microsoft Teams, which is an easy platform to use and very similar to Zoom. In order to facilitate a classroom-like experience, we require all delegates to appear on camera for the duration of the course.

How long does the OISC Level 1 Course last?

The OISC Level 1 Training lasts for a full day, beginning at 9.30am and ending around 5.30pm. There are short breaks in the morning and afternoon, along with a longer lunch break.

How much does the OISC Level 1 Course cost?

The course costs £200.00. Please note that we do not charge any additional VAT, so the total cost for the course is £200.00.

Do you offer other OISC courses?

Yes, we offer OISC Level 2 Courses and OISC Level 3 Courses.