You might be wondering how you can familiarise yourself better with the OISC. To learn more about the OISC and begin your journey to become an immigration adviser, it’s worth investing time to understand the OISC, what it does and what it doesn’t do. The starting point, of course, is the acronym – what does it stand for? OISC stands for ‘The Office of The Immigration Services Commissioner’ and it is a government body set up to ensure that immigration advice is given only by qualified organisations and individuals.

Some of What the OISC does


  • Licenses and regulates immigration advisers to ensure they are competent for their role;
  • Investigates and prosecutes individuals who carry out unregulated immigration advice;
  • Sets and publishes standards that OISC immigration advisers must adhere to;
  • Investigates complaints made by clients of OISC organisations.

What the OISC doesn’t do

The OISC does not:

  • Give immigration advice to members of the public or to immigration lawyers;
  • Force an OISC business to give clients a refund, although it can recommend refunds;
  • Share any confidential information to the Home Office about individuals’ immigration statuses.

The OISC regulates immigration advisers across the United Kingdom specialising in areas of asylum and immigration legal work. Immigration advisers can be regulated at 3 different levels, which means that there are some areas of UK immigration law which OISC advisers accredited at lower levels cannot give advice on.

Begin Your OISC Journey

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