OISC Level 3 - Thursday, 10 February 2022

OISC Level 3 – Thursday, 10 February 2022



Join us for our OISC Level 3 Training on Thursday, 10 February 2022. Our OISC Level 3 Training is designed to not only teach you the required knowledge to pass the OISC exam, but also to teach you the skills and techniques to help further your career as an immigration adviser.

OISC Level 3 Course Content 

Our OISC Level 3 Training covers the following topics:

  1.  A comprehensive insight into intermediate immigration law.
  2.  In-depth training in the following aspects of UK Immigration law:
    • Appeals before the First-Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal.
    • Tribunal rules and procedures.
    • Case preparation.
    • Judicial Review and Judicial Review pre-action protocols.
    • Bail hearings.

All of our OISC course delegates are provided with an opportunity, on the day, to practise past OISC competence assessment questions to hone their technique and knowledge. To check the upcoming OISC Level 3 exam dates, visit this webpage.

OISC Level 3 Handbook

The OISC Level 3 Training comes with our OISC handbook, which is sent to you as a pdf and is included in the course price. If you would like us to print and send the OISC handbook to you by post, we charge a supplemental fee to cover the additional costs incurred – please visit this webpage to order a hard-copy OISC book. For the purposes of taking the OISC Level 3 exam, we recommend printing out the OISC Handbook and the OISC Exam Resource Book.

Who teaches the OISC course?

Our Course trainer is Oliver. Oliver is an expert in immigration law and has been registered with the OISC at Level 3 for over 15+ years. He has received excellent reviews from previous course attendees and shall  provide you with the best and most up-to-date information to help you thrive in your immigration career.

How long is the OISC Level 3 Course?

The OISC Level 3 Training lasts for a full day, beginning at 9.30am and ending around 5.00pm. There are short breaks in the morning and afternoon, along with a longer lunch break.

Where does the OISC Course take place?

The OISC Level 3 course takes place online, delivered on the Microsoft Teams platform. Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use platform and similar to Zoom. In order to facilitate a classroom-like experience, we require all delegates to appear on camera for the duration of the course.

How much does the OISC Level 3 Course cost?

The OISC course costs £200.00. Please note that we do not charge any additional VAT, so the total cost for the course is £200.00.


We also grant course delegates exclusive access to our Immigration Hub, which is Pacific Law’s network of immigration professionals and previous course attendees. This Hub provides you with excellent networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, to further your ambitions.