A career in immigration advice can be extremely rewarding. Helping people to achieve their dream of visiting or living in the UK is a great way to earn a living. However, it can be confusing finding out where to start. Here’s a run through of how you can get started in giving immigration advice.

Step 1: Gain experience working for an OISC-accredited company.

In order to gain the required accreditation, you should first gain experience in immigration law either working for a firm that is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services (OISC) or another regulated firm. This can be either a voluntary or a paid position.

Step 2: Undertake OISC immigration training.

It is then essential that you undertake OISC immigration training, so you can gain the knowledge and skills you will need to pass the assessment. There are a number of companies that provide OISC immigration training, including us. You can find a list of our upcoming OISC Level 1 courses here.

Step 3: Register for the OISC competence assessment.

Once you have gained experience working for an OISC-registered firm and completed OISC training, you will then be able to register for the OISC competence assessment. This is the exam that you must pass in order to be accredited by the OISC. You’ll need to decide whether you want to apply as part of an existing OISC business, or whether you wish to begin your own OISC business. If the latter option, then this is one of the forms you should complete or, if you would like us to support you, see further details here about setting up an OISC registered firm. After you have applied, the OISC shall review your application and decide whether or not to invite you to sit the competence assessment.

Step 4: Sit the OISC competence assessment.

Once you have gained the experience, applied to the OISC and gained the relevant training, it is time to sit the OISC competence assessment and gain your OISC accreditation. The OISC competence assessment is not an easy exam, as reflected in the pass rates, but with the right preparation you should be in a very good position to pass with flying colours. Use our OISC Mock Papers and order our hard-copy OISC book and the OISC resource book to help you prepare and pass.

Step 5: Begin your career as an OISC-accredited immigration adviser.

Once you have passed the Level 1 OISC competence assessment, you are now free to practice immigration advice in the UK.