The UK visitor visa is for people wanting to visit the UK for short periods – in most cases no more than six months.

There are restrictions on what visitors can do in the UK. For example, with minimal exceptions they are not allowed to work.

Those from non-visa countries (eg USA, Malaysia, France) do not require a visitor visa to come to the UK for a visit, but those from visa national countries (e.g. China, India, Iran) do, in every case.

A person can apply for a long-term visitor visa of two, five or ten years, but this only allows them to visit the UK for up to 180 days in a 12 month period.

UK Visitor Visa Fee

At the time of writing, the Standard UK visitor visa cost (per person) is £100.00 (as per but this visa is converted by the UKVI into USD at prevailing exchange rates.

UK Visitor Visa Processing Time

The time required to process visitor visa applications may vary depending on which country the application is made in.

For more information about visa application waiting times, please click here.

Applicants can submit their application 3 months before travelling.

If required, the Home Office offers a Priority or Super Priority service, that aims to complete visa applications within either 24 hours or 5 working days. This service is not available from every country, though, so applicants would need to check whether this service is available in the country where they are making the application.

Documents Required for a UK Visitor Visa

Applicants need to provide the following sorts of documents:

  • Passport
  • Bank statements, salary slips and financial documents
  • Details of accommodation in the UK
  • Itinerary in the UK
  • Documents about any relatives living in their home country and the UK

Any further documentation required will depend on the purpose of the visit. Some visitor visas (e.g. business visitor visa, private medical treatment visa, marriage visitor visa) are very specialised.

UKVI decision-makers are notoriously particular, and so the application needs to be carefully and painstakingly prepared.

The information in this blog is for example purposes only. For more detailed information about UK Visitor Visa eligibility requirements, check the government guidance.

Extending a UK Visitor Visa

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