People often ask us about our how to pass the OISC Level 1 exam, so we have created an article on how to do so.

What is the OISC Level 1 exam?

The OISC Level 1 exam is the exam taken by individuals wanting to become OISC-accredited. It is a 2-part exam and you’ll need to pass each part in order to become accredited.

How hard is the OISC Level 1 exam?

The OISC Level 1 exam is hard, however Pacific Legal Training helps make it easier to pass (if you follow our advice). OISC data indicates that only 50% of those who take the OISC exam, pass it. We have developed a formula for OISC Level 1 exam success and, while we cannot guarantee that it works for you, we are an experienced training provider and know how to help you pass the OISC exam.

How to pass the OISC Level 1 exam?

We believe there are 3 necessary steps on the journey to becoming OISC-accredited and passing the OISC Level 1 exam:

Our OISC Level 1 course is a Live Online course, covering 4 sessions and lasting an entire day. On the course, we provide a comprehensive overview of OISC Level 1 immigration work, helping you understand the material that will be covered in the OISC exam. During the last session, we also attempt an OISC past exam paper together, helping our delegates practise OISC MCQs.

Making sure that you are OISC-exam ready is important in order to pass the OISC exam. Our OISC Mock Papers help ensure this, by testing your immigration law knowledge. The OISC Mock Papers are up-to-date and, furthermore, we mark your answers so that you can identify gaps in your immigration law knowledge, as well as measuring how prepared you are for the real OISC exam.

When it comes to studying the law, in our view hard-copy documents provide invaluable companionship. When preparing for the OISC exam, which is open-book, you’ll need to have a familiarity with our OISC handbook and OISC Exam Resource Book so that you can readily and speedily answer the questions on the OISC exam. Moreover, you’re allowed to take both of these hard-copy documents into the OISC exam.

What is our OISC Level 1 Exam pass-rate?

Over recent years, we’ve received plenty of success stories from our delegates. We have trained dozens of delegates on our OISC courses and have seen many successful OISC exam results. Training these successful delegates, and receiving their feedback, helps us hone our teaching to ensure that delegates know how to pass the OISC Level 1 exam. That being said, we don’t hold exact figures of the number of successful delegates (bearing in mind that we have trained many delegates).

Where can you learn more about the OISC Level 1 exam?

Join us for one of our OISC Level 1 courses, where you can learn more about the OISC exam, exam content and tips on how to pass.

If you’re unsure why you should take OSC Level 1, read some of our Insights. Alternatively, should you have any queries, feel free to contact one of our helpful team on 0800 066 2219 (freephone) or