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We wanted to use this Post to help you, as an OISC adviser or immigration lawyer, navigate Home Office Policy Guidance and Instructions it provides to its caseworkers.  These documents are different to and separate from the Immigration Rules. We hope that this content will help you quickly access the Home Office Policy Guidance you are looking for. 

By way of background, the Home Office publishes policy guidance in most or all areas of immigration law and nationality law. In some cases they come in the form of webpages, sometimes in the form of general “guidance” and in other cases in the form of “instructions” to Home Office caseworkers. 

Please note that immigration law is fast-changing and there is no guarantee that the guidance will be up-to-date when you click on the links. To stay up-to-date with immigration law, check our CPD Courses and see our wider immigration law training for our full suite of courses.

Please see below for the different categories of Home Office Policy Guidance.




Skilled Worker and Intra-Company Transfer Worker

T2 Minister of Religion

International Sportsperson

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)



Tier 1 (Investor)

T5 Temporary Workers

Youth Mobility Scheme

Representative of an Overseas Business

Global Talent

UK Ancestry

Overseas Domestic Worker visa

British National (Overseas) visa

S2 Healthcare Visitor

Service providers from Switzerland

Extension and Settlement ECAA





British Citizenship